Identity for the real world

Identity and Access Management is one of those things almost every company on the planet with more than a few people needs but cannot bear to even consider. It can be an expensive, time-consuming and failure-prone exercise with no apparent benefits. Many companies, large and small don't give it a second's thought, getting lost in the whirl of building their business and not worrying about the expanding identity archipelago developing organically (or chaotically) inside their company.

At the Identity Hive, we believe that identity is backbone of any business on the web - you, your employees and your customers. Identity management, until now, has been driven by the way an enterprise looked ten years ago. The web has changed the way we do almost everything in business and that rickety old hierarchical model doesn't work for everyone.

Identity drives access

What an employee does on a Monday isn't always the same as what they do on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They might be in the office one day and on the road the next, with a differing set of requirements. A mobile or remote workforce needs easy access to everything they need without IT getting in the way, costing them time and costing your business money.

Your customers aren't all the same from day to day either. Service providers may have the same customer who during the day works at a corporate customer but at home is a consumer customer. They may have multiple relationships with you that usually come with their own access credentials and it all descends into a mess that neither you or your customer can unpick.

If you get your identity right then your access follows. It sounds so simple and often it is. The Hive can get you there.

Our place or yours?

The Hive has a range of solutions available to fit your business - enterprise, service provider, government, NGO or charity. We can host it for you or we can deploy on-site with the option to change almost any time you like. We offer subscription or licence-based identity and access management solutions to better suit your cashflow requirements and you can use your equipment or ours. We're nothing if not flexible.